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Team behind FSCaptain To Guest Star on Unicom Podcast

The team behind FSCaptain, an add on ACRARS system somewhat akin to a VA and FSPassengers, will be coming on The Unicom Podcast for Thanksgiving week to give us insight into their product, what it takes to develop and possibly drop some hints about their future plans. If you have questions for the development team you can participate by asking your questions to the devs in the comments below. The best questions will be asked during the interview!    

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Alabeo’s Cessna 400 TT Corvails Review

The real life Cessna 400 TT Corvails is a wonderful and speedy single engine prop featuring a Garmin G1000 glass panel. But, at $750,000 it’s out of most people’s price range. What is a person with the need for speed and only $35 to do? Well, Alabeo just came out with a rendition of the Cessna TT Corvails that may suffice until that $750,000 check clears the bank.

Before I had a chance to look at the product, I was very hesitant. While Alabeo and their sister company Carenado make good looking aircraft, they are often light on systems and ...

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